Welcome to Audeohost

Audeohost delivers location based sounds to your guest’s smartphone. 

It connects people to places – bars & restaurants, waiting rooms, museum, tours and stadia, to enhance your customer’s experience.

Audeohost is live/real time sound telling you what is actually happening or what you are looking at – Nothing fake about reality!

Hear the Complete Picture by downloading the app for free from Google and Apple stores. 

Connect to the venue’s Audeohost or “Sound” labelled Access Point, run the app and begin to enjoy live commentary on your smart device.

Like a sports event or even the news, moving picture paints a thousand words, and art has a story to tell. 

Audeohost carries the voice lip synced to the screen or as a track that explains the history, the present and so much more…. It facilitates people engagement, providing real time information. 

Audeohost is your personal connection and volume to the world within our world! 

We are a green company manufacturing less that 20% of needed hardware. The rest is already commercially available.

Our niche is our software and our service offering.